We create opportunities for children and youth to get the education, mindset and the tools to co-create a better future for themselves and for the community.

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Our Mission

Timeless Changes Foundation exists to serve humans to improve their lives and their communities. We work with at-risk populations and help with basic schooling, employment skills and health education. We partner with committed individuals and community organizations.

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Our Impact

We work with families, young women, children and some dedicated individuals that result in stories of surprising positivity and change.




Families come to our workshops, where they hear a dual message of hope - (a) that college education is possible for first-generation students and (b) that for any student, it is possible to apply for quality education at great colleges, while avoiding the shortage-driven mentality of the rat race.



high school graduates

Low-income families struggle to make ends meet, so they may have to enlist child labor to feed the family. We work with low-income families, sometimes convince parents that short-term hardship in letting the child go to school is worth the longer-term benefits of breaking their family’s cycle of poverty. We then support these students’ education through high school at a partner’s quality school.



Years Serving communities

Over 12 years of helping people help themselves, with projects in the USA, Tanzania and India.

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Our services: holistic College Application Process

“I just wanted to thank you since you guys truly were helpful during the college app process, from making a schedule for me to follow, all the way to making sure my essays were the best versions possible. I honestly don't think that I would have gotten into Berkeley if it wasn't for your help. I noticed this especially when I was recently reviewing the old versions of my UC essays and compared them with the new ones after your edits. I was surprised to see how many changes were made and how better they were because of your help! Also, it wasn't just the essays that you helped me with.” - R.L., a California student that started college


Our Programs

Our programs all focus on education, health and empowerment. We partner with committed individuals and organizations to deliver these programs in the USA, in Tanzania and in India.



School is out of reach for many children of low-income families. Many give up not knowing how to make it possible. That’s where our Foundation steps in. We help students go to school, in USA, Tanzania and India. Depending on local needs, we help buy textbooks and supplies, pay school fees, pay for the operational expenses of an entire pre-school and help with the college application process.

health education

Adolescent girls living in rural areas sometimes lack access to scientific and actionable information on aspects of self-care. With our partners, we help educate rural girls on reproductive health and awareness about human trafficking.

employment skills

Young women that are at-risk because of human trafficking, abuse, neglect or other conditions lack confidence and the ability to be self-reliant. We help these women gain employable skills while living in a safe space, to where they are empowered to build fulfilling lives.

healthy living: clean drinking water, green schools

Access to clean drinking water is an important social determinant of health. We help bring clean(er) drinking water to villages. We also help make coming to school an attractive and a healthy proposition by adding greenery to the campus.


Sodhana team is extremely thankful to you for your support as this will go long way in academic and personality development of hundreds of rural children.

Dr. PDK Rao, Founder / Sodhana



Get Involved

We all want to serve. Often, we don’t quite know how. We may not know what skills or talents we have that may be of help to others. Or, we may think that we simply don’t have the time! Allow us to help you find opportunities to serve - within your time, money and skill budgets!


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