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2018 Scholarships are now under review. Applications are closed.

Photo of college graduates 0 Services provided for education in USA

Services provided for education in USA


We believe that when people are empowered through education, self-reflection, and empathy, they can help empower themselves and others to bring about timeless changes in their lives.

We offer educational services and work with existing partners and programs to support people locally and internationally with different stages on their journey to empowering themselves and others.

All services are provided free and we do welcome tax-free donations. We provide the same level of commitment and service whether a student or a client can pay or not. Based on the model of the Aravind Hospital, clients self-determine whether they can pay forward, so that their donation helps provide services to future clients.

What do we do?

We co-create a plan with each student that will guide and nurture them to realize their individual dreams. Timeless Scholars USA plans are different from those in India, meeting country-specific needs.

We mentor students and families in their academic, financial and emotional journeys.

We invest with our students long-term, often partnering with them from the 6th or 8th grade, through high school, college and the first few years of their career.  Our volunteers guide and mentor students as they break the cycle of poverty, broaden their empathy through the spirit of service to their communities, realize their potential and bring about timeless changes - in themselves and in the world.

Who do we serve?

We focus on two sets of the student community.

Our focus is on low-income, first generation college-bound students who show a passion to learn and a deep desire to rise above their challenges.

 We also serve students that are overcoming challenges on the opposite end of the spectrum: we help students whose families or communities pile on high expectations, escape the rat race and help make the journey to college more enjoyable and fulfilling for the student and more peaceful for the whole family.

Where do we serve?

We are a US-based charitable non-profit.  All donations are tax-deductible, subject to the law [a 501c3 organization].  Our projects and services currently span the USA, India and Tanzania.

We are open to good ideas that fit our mission, but please do not spam us with unsolicited proposals.  It is a good use of your time to reach out to us with your ideas for projects with a one-paragraph (no more) email.

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